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Satellite List

Here is a list of satellites as listed on that have channels in DVB format.  Some channels listed are FTA (Free-To-Air) and some are encrypted (Pay TV).  Note that these lists can become out of date quickly as frequencies and channels change often.  With FTA system you can only watch the unscrambled clear DVB channels.  Other scrambled channels are not free and require a subscription from their provider.

C-Band only C & Ku Band Ku Band only
8' and up dish size req'd 18" and up dish size req'd

Packages Atlantic Ocean

0.8W Thor 3 Focus Sat Freq. SID 070220
1.0W Thor 2/3 Canal Digital Freq. SID 070225
1.0W Intelsat 10-02 Digi TV Freq. SID 070218
4.0W Amos 1/2 Yes Freq. SID ChNo 060903
4.0W Amos 2 Boom TV Freq. SID 070210
7.0W Nilesat 101 ADD Freq. SID 070216
7.0W Nilesat 101/102 Showtime Freq. SID 070223
8.0W Atlantic Bird 2 KabelKiosk Freq. SID 070201
8.0W Atlantic Bird 2 Orbit Network Freq. SID ChNo 070201
15.0W Telstar 12 DMC Freq. SID 070225
22.0W NSS 7 CanalSat Horizons Freq. SID 070117
30.0W Hispasat 1C/1D Digital + Freq. SID 070227
30.0W Hispasat 1C/1D TV Cabo Freq. SID ChNo 070205
31.5W Intelsat 801 CanalSat Carabes Freq. SID ChNo 061202
40.5W NSS 806 Pramer CableVisin Freq. SID 061214
43.0W Intelsat 6B Sky Brazil ChNo 070118
43.0W Intelsat 6B DirecTV Brazil ChNo 060902
58.0W Intelsat 9 Sky Mxico ChNo 070227
61.0W Amazonas Zap Freq. ChNo 060903
61.0W Amazonas Telefnica TV Digital Chile Freq. SID ChNo 070222
61.0W Amazonas Telefnica TV Digital Colombia Freq. SID ChNo 070222
61.0W Amazonas Cable Mgico Satelital Freq. SID ChNo 070222
61.0W Amazonas Voc TV Freq. SID ChNo 070219

Packages North & South America

61.5W EchoStar 3 & Rainbow 1 DISH Network Freq. SID 061228
61.5W EchoStar 3 Sky Angel Freq. SID 060415
70.0W Brasilsat B1 Globosat Freq. SID 061218
72.5W DirecTV 1 DirecTV USA ChNo 070120
82.0W Nimiq 2 Bell ExpressVu Freq. SID 070101
85.1W XM 3 XM Radio ChNo
89.0W Galaxy 28 TecSat ChNo 060415
91.0W Nimiq 1 Bell ExpressVu Freq. SID 070121
95.0W Galaxy 3C DirecTV Latin America ChNo 070217
95.0W Galaxy 3C DirecTV Brazil ChNo 070210
95.0W Galaxy 3C DirecTV USA ChNo 070124
99.0W Galaxy 16 HITS Freq. VC 070119
99.2W Spaceway 2 DirecTV USA ChNo 061210
101.0W DirecTV 1R/4S/8 DirecTV USA ChNo 070220
102.8W Spaceway 1 DirecTV USA ChNo 061210
105.0W AMC 15 DISH Network Freq. SID 060707
107.3W Anik F1R Star Choice Freq. VC ChNo 070216
109.8W DirecTV 5 DirecTV USA ChNo 060217
110.0W EchoStar 8/10 DISH Network Freq. SID 070226
111.1W Anik F2 Star Choice Freq. VC ChNo 070216
113.0W SatMex 6 PCTV Freq. VC 061111
115.0W XM 4 XM Radio ChNo
116.8W SatMex 5 PCTV Freq. VC 060205
119.0W DirecTV 7S DirecTV USA ChNo 061210
119.0W AMC 16 & EchoStar 7 DISH Network Freq. SID 070224
121.0W Galaxy 23 OlympuSat Freq. VC 070215
121.0W EchoStar 9 DISH Network Freq. SID 061203
129.0W EchoStar 5 DISH Network Freq. SID 060622
148.0W EchoStar 1/2 DISH Network Freq. SID 061207
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